sqlFinance - The innovative ERP Solution

Enjoy the power
of mathematics.
That's sqlFinance.
New Release 2.2.1 with process oriented accounting

According to the theory of two famous mathematicians
sqlFinance is based on the original concept about double bookkeeping of Luca Pacioli (1494) and gets it in accordance with the requirements of the American mathematician Edgar F. Codd about the normalisation of data (1970). Through this approach data entry can be considerably simplified and many new features become available in the reporting system.

Process oriented ERP
sqlFinance gets your accounting data well organised. Instead of endless journals sqlFinance groups the bookings into batches, and similar batches to processes. This approach enhances considerably the productivity of data entry, verification and analysis.

Efficient data management
Reuse process based accounting patterns with the help of efficient copying tools. Analyse the profit contribution of each process (ex. receivables, payables, payroll, bank expenses, depreciation and amortisation, own capital transactions, stock trading, foreign currency clearing etc.). And prepare your accounting for a process based audit, revising well organised process patterns grouping all batches and bookings.

Intuitive user interface
Working with sqlFinance, open application windows at your demand and get simultaneous access to local and remote databases. Copy and move data with drag and drop operations between windows and use double clicks to get drill down information about master records.

Powerful working tools
Enhance your productivity with a connection tool to connect to a database, a select tool for initial data queries, a report tool with user modifiable reports, a text edit tool to create letters and other documents and store them in the database, and many more.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Use contracts to structure all transactions with your business partners: customers, suppliers, banks, insurances, service providers, and the employees. Track costs and revenues at contract level for each reporting period.

Single and double sided accounting
At batch level, define entry of double sided bookings (style: debit account, credit account, amount) or single sided bookings (style: account, amount). Enjoy transferring your business cases directly into batches with single sided bookings (and a control total of zero).

Free public version
Learn more about sqlFinance with the download of the free public version (single user). With no charge at all, this version allows you to manage your general ledger accounting, over several mandates, with an unlimited number of batches and bookings. The free version supports foreign currency and the entry of cost centres and contracts at the booking level.

Full package
Profit from our special introduction offer and order your copy of sqlFinance full package version.

Approved Software
sqlFinance has been used in client applications (portfolio management) audited by PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS.
All requirements of the auditors were fulfilled. In a review the innovative design found the support of Prof. Dr. Paul Weilenmann (Prof. emeritus University of Zurich) and the University of Economics, Winterthur.

Innomedica free sample data
With courtesy of InnoMedica Holding AG, Zug,, we have the possibility to offer you sample data of the years 2003-2005 included in the free software downloads.

sqlFinance Modules
  • General ledger with unlimited number of mandates and sub-periods
  • Sales and Purchase Process
  • Inventory Control with Shipping and Picking
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Human Resources Module with Payroll
  • Time Management
  • Portfolio Management
Get more information in our Product Introduction, download a free public version of sqlFinance or request a special introduction offer for the full version.

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  • sqlFinance full version
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  • sqlFinance Server Setup
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  • BT Language Manager
        (database with German translation included)
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